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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities December 2021

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Candi Broeffle

The holidays are once again upon us, and 2021 is making its exit. This year has been a blur—I just cannot believe we are in our final month. Whereas 2020 seemed to never end, 2021 has flown by.

There have been so many wonderful moments, including spending time with close family and friends, reaching out virtually to those we have slowly lost touch with and, more importantly, the time we have spent with our granddaughter, Frances. What a joy to see this world through the eyes of the innocent!

Having this time with a new soul who is exploring this great big beautiful life keeps us centered. It reminds us how easily we can get distracted by the events of the day and lose sight of the beauty and wonder available to everyone. Even though we see the downside effects of stress so many are facing, we do not need to look far to see the kindness and upside that are inherently ours.

The lessons of 2020 and 2021 have our family rethinking this holiday season. Like so many, we have cleaned out the clutter of our home and mind and are freeing ourselves of the need to distract with the material goods and expectations of holidays past. There’s not much we need anymore and really not much we desire, except to be surrounded by those we love.

Perhaps the goods sitting on cargo ships off our coast will cause the majority of us to shop local artisans, crafters and service providers, increasing local joy even more.

Within these very pages, find numerous gifts for optimizing health. Our advertisers all have goods and services that make the most thoughtful and beneficial gifts, whether it’s helping someone overcome chronic pain with chiropractic services, or a gift basket of natural dental care products and services with one of our dentists. To help ensure a year of wellness, give the gifts of massage therapy, reiki, bio-electric, neurofeedback and nutrition services from providers throughout the Twin Cities.

Perhaps someone you love is on a journey of self-discovery and could benefit by working with one of our professional coaches or spiritual advisors towards the life they have dreamt about for so long. Of course, a space clearing to rid their home of any negative energy from the past two years and harken in the new energy of 2022 might also be appreciated.

Consider the nonprofits in our region who do such great work for our community, giving a gift on behalf of a loved one who yearns to positively impact and give back to Life. Finally, the art galleries, music venues and theaters have all taken a hit, and what is more wonderful than the gift to escape for a few hours in the performances of the greats? For the children on your list, consider gifting admission to a museum, wildlife center or zoo which all have the potential for both an excellent learning and bonding experience.

In our human timeline, we have entered an unprecedented space/place that allows us to look at the holidays in a totally new way, more intimately and deeply, including interacting with and supporting our local community—our very selves—while creating beautiful memories together.

Live and Gift a Wonder-full Life,


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