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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities August 2022


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Candi Broeffle

There is so much on my mind as we enter August 2022. In many ways, the life I have always enjoyed is still intact – in other ways it looks nothing like I have ever known. I feel quite discombobulated. 

Now more than ever we must lean into the lessons we have learned throughout our life. I sense that our lives are going to get more difficult as the cost of living increases due to supply issues, natural disasters, and corporate greed. Yet how can we work together when there is so much division within our communities and families? 

I am hopeful that we will come through this difficult time stronger than ever. The life we have known may look significantly different than it did in the past, but this does not need to be a bad thing. In coaching, we often talk about the need for a breakdown before we can have a breakthrough. If you think back to the times that the most significant changes happened in your life, you will most likely see that it was a result of a devastating (or what you felt was devastating at the time) event. The loss of a job, the dissolution of a marriage, a disaster that stripped you of your security and comfort. 

Unfortunately, there are also horrible events that happen to us that often do not lead to something good, and there is no answer for this. I do not feel that is what is happening now. 

My intuition is that this is a time of creating balance, but for this to happen, those at the top of the scale will need to be lowered. This does not happen easily as no one wants to lose what they have had for so many generations, so the instinct is to try to hold onto power. To take some of what little power others may have had to try to gain back the power they are losing. This resistance is causing great suffering to everyone.

I do not know what the answer is for this, and I continue to try to integrate my thoughts with my heart to see things more clearly and make better decisions. One thing I do know is now is the time to come together, to bring our ideas forward, and to collaborate in ways we never have before. The ideas are taking shape, so stay tuned.

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